Tankless Water Heater Costs

The funny thing about the cost of technology is that when newer technologies arrive on the scene, the costs for buying that technology can price most consumers out of the market. The advent of the laptop computer back in the 80’s meant that only wealthier citizens could really afford to buy them. Laptops today can be purchased for ~$300 with 10,000 times more power and capacity that those 30+ years ago. Tankless water heaters are another example of a newer technology gaining ground with price and efficiency over older technologies.

The first water heater was said to be invented 150 years ago in 1868 by an Englishman named Benjamin Maughan. His product was named “The Geyser” and was meant only to heat the water for baths. Not long after that, holding tanks increased in size so that hot water could be shared at more than one faucet. This technology, while much more efficient today, still lacks the efficiency found in the most recent types of Tankless systems. One example is a top Tankless system is the Stiebel-Eltron-Tempra-24-Plus-Electric.

Tanklesshub.com exists to educate and inform the public about tankless water heating technology including its affordability today. Whereas, a tankless system 10 years ago was not financially feasible for more than the wealthy, it would appear the time has come for this technology to become the new standard and not the aberration. It’s time to tell yourself and others to “Lose the Tank!”

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