Best Ecosmart Tankless Water Heaters (with Reviews) – 2018


Why Ecosmart?

Ecosmart uses the latest technology in water heaters. These units can use upwards of 40 percent less energy than needed for rational water heaters. These three models all have the patented self-modulating technology which saves even more on your electric bill. With the most advanced technology in water heating, the tankless water heaters can save you on water heating costs.

Select models are assembled with a patented self-modulating technology so they “regulate exactly how much energy is needed to heat the amount of hot water needed.” Since this product uses much less room than a traditional water heater, it saves space that can be used for storage.

And, most of all Ecosmart’s tankless water heaters for residential use come with a lifetime warranty. The units use digital temperature control in 1-degree increments and give you complete control of your hot water. And, unlike traditional water heaters, if you do have a situation with no hot water (which you should never have), unlike traditional water heaters, the wait for more hot water should be no more than a few minutes, instead of an hour or more.

Required Breaker Quantity for these is three 40 Amp Double Pole. Recommended Electrical Panel is a 200 Amp breaker box rather than the standard 100 amp breaker box with a 60 amp breaker; this often has to be upgraded.

In the final analysis, depending on your water heating needs, any of the three can offer you a great outcome.

We have tested several of the EcoSmart models and here are our top three choices.

1. EcoSmart ECO 27 - Best of the Best

NEVER run out of hot water with an ECOSMART tankless water heater. 

If you have ever been out of warm water in the shower because whoever was before you used up all the hot water, you will like this. With an on-demand propane water system, those days are gone.

Tankless water heaters can supply all your hot water demands; it even works for the system which relies on hot water for baseboard heating systems; however, you should have one unit for that and another for your other hot water needs.

This product will heat 3 gallons per minute which just means good-bye cold showers.

The ECO 27 even comes with a remote!

But, is it the best Ecosmart tankless water heater? Reviews on this item are overwhelmingly positive.

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2. EcoSmart ECO 11 - For lower hot water requirements

Save up to 50% on your water heating costs with the most advanced, self-modulating technology available

For residential use, this model offers a lifetime warranty and needs only 12 square feet, which is much less than the traditional water heater.

Depending on your inlet temperature (where the water comes into the house) will determine the speed and number of gallons per minute it takes to generate hot water.

This model is best for climates where the inlet temperature is above 67 degrees, making this product a whole-house unit.

Should your area have less than a 67 degree inlet temperature, you can still use this unit, but it is recommended to get two or upgrade to a product better equipped for the lower inlet temperature.

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3. Ecosmart ECO 36 - Best large size tankless heater

Expensive but worth the extra money!

The Ecosmart ECO 36 is the largest tankless water heater on the market and is capable of delivering hot water at 3.5 gallons per minute with water as low as 37 degrees where it enters the house.

Under these conditions, this model can shoulder the load of two showers and never run out of hot water.

The peak capacity is six gallons when the incoming water is warmer and will simultaneously power four showers and one sink, or a hot tub with no problem.

The ECO 36 is also perfect for homes needing a high output water heater for powering several hot water demands at the same time, such as a washing machine, a dishwasher and up to two showers at the same time with no problem.

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All Images are courtesy of EcoSmart.

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