Eccotemp L10 & L5 Portable Outdoor Tankless Water Heaters Review

Searching for a portable tankless water heater?

Here goes our review on Ecotemp L5 and Ecotemp L10.

If you love camping but hate raising goosebumps on your arms when you bathe in cold water every morning, I've got some good news for you. Outdoor tankless water heaters can help you cook your food, wash your clothes and enjoy hot showers even when you're miles from civilization.

You can have a luxurious kitchen or bathroom experience without the need for a kitchen or bathroom at all!

But now comes the hard part. How do you know which tankless water heater is best suited for outdoor use, and how can you be sure you're buying the right model or getting the best price once you've made a shortlist of potential candidates?

Let's take a look at two great outdoor portable tankless water heaters and see what they can do for you.

Eccotemp L10

Eccotemp L5


While any Eccotemp water heater is a good one, we'll be reviewing two specific models today:

They're cut from the same cloth, so they have many of the same functions and features.

For example, they're both designed exclusively for outdoor use, and they both use dual D cell batteries to give you power without electricity.

The difference lies in their specs.

The L10 offers 2.6 gallons per minute while the L5 offers 1.5, so if the flow rate is important to you, these numbers are something to consider.

They're also different sizes; the L10 weighs 27 pounds and the L5 clocks in at 14 pounds.

This means the former is more than twice the heft of the latter, so if you'll be physically hauling your water heater around a camp site, you might want to think about the strain to your arms and back.

Both units operate with 74,000+ BTUs and require 20-80 PSI of water pressure.


As propane heating units, both the L10 and the L5 work through a system where internal sensors detect incoming water and fire up live burners to warm it.

This means you'll need to take precautions with the open flame and subsequent fumes, but as long as you're careful, it's no different from operating a stove with a pilot light.

As previously mentioned, both units run on batteries, so you'll have no problem getting hot water even if you aren't near a power outlet. This makes them great for camping, car washing and off-the-grid living.

Heat Output and Flow

Both units go above and beyond when it comes to temperature. You'll be able to enjoy showers that are anywhere from 80°F to 150°F. There are some homes that don't support such luxuriously hot water!

As for flow, the L10 and the L5 are equally equipped to handle simultaneous usage. While the latter offers less GPM than the former, you'll be able to fill up a tub with either. You can wash your hands, clothes and dishes at the same time; you can take a shower while someone else is taking a bath; you can even rinse off your car as another person is overflowing a trench. Eccotemp water heaters will deliver.


As portable units, installation is a cinch. They're designed to be used in even the barest of conditions, so you won't need to mess with any complicated circuitry or venting systems. You'll be in business as soon as you attach your heater to your garden hose or other water-delivering devices.

Are you unsure or unskilled with electronics? No problem. Detailed instructions are included with your order, and they come with pictures for the visual learners out there.

You'll also find a number of fittings and adapters in the box. You'll be able to use your water heater right away and without another trip to the hardware store.

General Use

You should never buy anything without looking at both the pros and the cons of your purchase, but it's especially important to consider all angles when shopping for an outdoor water heater. You might be miles from a real shower when you fire it up, so it's best not to be surprised by it when you do. Let's take a look at both models separately so you can make a smart choice about your decision.

Eccotemp L10

Though ostensibly an outdoor unit, many customers have also reported using the L10 inside their homes as a "point of use" tankless water heater. This just goes to show how effective and versatile the L10 really is. If you're looking for a heater for all occasions, this is it.


  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Comes with safety shut-off mechanism
  • Offers 2.6 GPM


  • Can experience slight flow delays
  • Heavier heating box than other models
  • Requires up to 80 PSI

Eccotemp L5

Designed exclusively for outdoor use, the L5 is so light and portable that it can be attached to everything from barns to oak tees. It's an excellent choice for those in need of an outdoor water heating system that doesn't weigh much and can be easily taken from one site to the next.


  • Lightweight, easy-to-install unit
  • Comes with a variety of extras, including a shower head and nozzle
  • One of the most affordable models on the market


  • Only delivers 1.4 GPM
  • Flow rate slows as water temperature rises
  • Requires up to 80 PSI

What's the bottom line?

You'll be satisfied with the Eccotemp L10 and the Eccotemp L5, so your decision really comes down to specs.

What details matter more to you?

Which add-ons are too great to resist?

Go to Amazon and check out the finer details of both products. At least one of them is sure to give you the siren song of your next purchase!

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All Images Courtesy: Eccotemp

  1. I have a ecotemp outdoor tankless water heater it was 20 degrees last night we have no hot water.

  2. No hot water could it be lack of pressure?

  3. […] Also read: Eccotemp L10 & L5 Portable Outdoor Tankless Water Heaters Review […]

  4. I have an eccotemp L10 water heater brand new out off the box and it won’t give me hot water. I have been in contact with eccotemp techs and they sent me a new solenoid. I installed it and it still won’t work. It is my ONLY source of hot water for my cabin that I live in year round. It is now going to snow and taking cold showers are RIDICULOUS!! I was asked to try a different regulator and I did. That didn’t help.
    I am so disappointed with this product. I just want hot water.

    • Luz, what you are experiencing is not normal. They should have just sent you a whole new unit. I say return it and go with another brand. Rinnai comes to mind. Is this the product you purchased (L10 3.0 GPM Portable Outdoor tankless water heater)?

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