Best Takagi Tankless Water Heater Reviews

Improving Quality of Life for Years.

Do not worry about taking care of the water heater, let the water heater take care of you.


Takagi water heaters are known to be reliable and long lasting.

The Takagi brand has been around for over 60 years and the company specializes in manufacturing water heaters for homes and businesses.

Each tankless water heater is unique and gives the customer the freedom to choose the type and model he or she prefers.

1. Takagi T-H3DV-P TH3 Series - Best Whole House Propane Model

Many call this water heater one of the top Takagi tankless models available and produces 10 GPM of hot water.

The Takagi TH3DV-P, an indoor, whole-house propane tankless model, is one of Takagi's quality products.

This model is compact enough to install in small spaces. The chic appearance lets the customer display the heater without fear. This model is powered with liquid propane. It is made of commercial-grade copper and requires attachments that meet the standards for lead-free products.

Installation instructions are easy to follow and do not require the customer to hire a professional. This is the first way the water heater saves the customer money.

The water heater is energy efficient and provides hot water to the entire house.

Water capacity is very good and temperatures are controlled by a built-in temperature controller.

Despite its compact size, the customer can secure this tankless water heater in a small space knowing that the water heater comes with a built-in, direct ventilation system that allows air to circulate at all times.

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2. Takagi T-H3DV-N  (Indoor Natural Gas Model)

Built specifically for indoor use, this model uses natural gas instead of propane to heat 10 gallons per minute of water making this water heater one of the most efficient whole house water heaters on the market.

This product has received Energy Star certification. Since the average water usage during a shower is 2.1 gallons a minute, the user never has to worry about running out of hot water during a quick or long shower(or any other activity that requires hot water).

The product has a built-in exhaust venting system that cools the steam as water heats to promote safe usage that complies with current safety standards and eliminate all risk of product combustion.

The stainless steel manufacturing material makes the heater more durable and less susceptible to corrosion. The product's space-saving, compact design allows the consumer to install it in any available space with few attachments.

Attachments, such as PVC piping, are easily found at affordable prices from many sources. It is designed with your convenience in mind.

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3. Takagi T-H3J-DVN (Indoor with Natural Gas)

Also built specifically to be housed indoors, this model heats 6.6 gallons of water per minute making this water heater a super efficient whole house water heater for a smaller house.

In colder climates this unit will heat around 5.5 gallons per minute. At 2.1 GBM for a typical shower, it means you could run 2 showers and a sink simultaneously as still have hot water at each tap or 3 showers in warmer climates. 

This compact unit saves space and is energy star certified for energy conservation. It also boasts computerized safety features such as no pilot light to have to worry about and has Ultra-Low NOx Emissions.

It weighs 58 lbs and heats water from 100-140 degrees Celsius. 

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  1. I need an outdoor propane water heater that would supply enough water for 2 bathrooms but not more than 4 persons.
    Current heater had defect. I am interested in quality.

  2. I am a General Contractor in Tallahassee Florida and I purchased a TAKAGI model T-K4-OS-N-100 for my personal home. This unit was installed by licensed sub contractor… A little over a year after installation this unit starting have problems that were not resolved on multiple service calls from the local authorized plumbing contractor to service this unit. TAKAGI could have resolved the problem by simply replacing the unit but insisted on multiple service calls while just trying to install various parts over four service calls of which the unit was never fixed and I was stuck with all of the service fees. To further frustrate the situation the service advisers with TAKAGI were hard to work with as related to instructing the plumbers that were working on the unit. Another issue was waiting on the parts there were not delivered in a timely fashion. I ended up purchasing a different tankless unit from a well known manufacture and ended up having to pay for a new unit as well as the labor to install. I would not advise anyone to buy a TAKAGI tankless unit based on my experience of a low quality unit made worse by a horrible service experience.

    • Mark, thank you for the input. For the last few years, Takagi has had an excellent record, but recently it appears that they have begun to slip. We are examining if this is truly a trend or something that is being fixed. Thanks again for posting.

  3. I am currently thinking to convert from a tank to a tankless water heater. I have a confusion about the gas pipelines. Will a standard 1/2 inch pipe would be ok? or what psi is good for maximum flow?

    • Congrats on considering a tankless system. As for PSI of water pressure, 40 psi or above is recommended for maximum flow. Gas PSI will work fine with 30 PSI. As for using 1/2 pipe for the gas, it can work, but most units today are built for 3/4″ pipe as the pipes within the units are 3/4″. Depending on your water heating needs, it could work to have a 1/2″ pipe with an adapter to fit to the 3/4″ fittings on the unit. But if you have more need to have the best flow of hot water, it would be best to replace your 1/2″ input piping to 3/4″. Hope that helps.


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