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"From industry-leading innovations to next-generation energy efficiencies, Rheem's been producing award-winning heating and cooling solutions for more than 65 years."

The Rheem brand actually began as a petroleum packaging company back in 1925. Since that time, it has developed into one of the largest manufacturers of HVAC systems and water heating equipment in North America.

It is now a worldwide company offering products in many countries, such as Australia, Canada, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, and New Zealand.

Anyone who is planning on installing or replacing a water heater may wish to consider tankless models from Rheem.

These water heaters provide continuous hot water, which avoids the problem of running out even for large families. Rheem offers both gas and electric tankless water heaters to suit any need.

Below, you will find reviews and information on four different propane and natural gas tankless water heater models that you could consider. Rheem tankless water heater reviews can help you make the right choice.

1. Rheem RTEX 11 / RTEX 13 - Best Point-of-Use Models

If you're in a budget and still wants a Rheem, then I recommend choosing either the RTEX 11 or RTEX 13 depending on your hot water needs.

Both RTEX 11 and RTEX 13 models differs only in their capacities.

RTEX 11 comes with a 2.68 GPM flow rate with 11000 wattages whereas the RTEX 13 offers 3.17 GPM flow rate with 13000 wattages.

They both are easy to use and are known to be highly energy efficient.

If you're looking for a non-fussy inexpensive heater that'll still meet your hot water needs,you can stop your search here with either Rheem RTEX 11 or RTEX 13.

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2. Rheem RTG-84DVLN Low NOx Direct Vent (Indoor) and Rheem RTG-84XLN Low NOx Natural Gas (Outdoor)

These 8.4 gallon water heates are designed to be both energy efficient and space-saving.

Features include a UMC-117 remote control, 10 feet of thermostat wire, and a concentric vent system (84 DVLN Indoor-only) so that it does not require further ductwork to be laid within the home.

The 84DVLN is a direct vent indoor water heater that will take up very little space in a closet, and it features an integrated collector for condensation. Dimensions include 14 by 10 by 26 inches, and the water heater weighs 54 pounds.

The 84XLN is an outdoor water heater, so it doesn't need venting, and uses 180,000 BTUs with next generation burner technology from Rheem.

Both are Energy Star compliant and feature a Rheem warranty. These gas water heater models are ideal for larger families and homes and they are low NOx type for the best in efficiency.

If you want a tankless water heater and you still prefer a higher capacity model that doesn't take up too much room, either of these could be the ideal option.

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3.  Rheem RTGH-95DVLN & RTGH-95DVLP

This is two versions of the same model Rheem tankless water heater.

RTGH-95DVLN is designed to work with natural gas whereas RTH-95DVLP works with propane.

Each model includes a stainless steel heat exchanger.

The tankless water heaters feature electronic controls designed with intelligence modes to ensure the best in energy efficiency as well.

This tankless water heater is designed to offer hot water in larger homes and for bigger families while still remaining energy efficient and budget friendly.

The propane version of this model measures at 18.5 by 9.8 by 27.5 inches and it weighs 79 pounds.

The natural gas version measures at 18.5 by 9.8 by 27.5 inches and weighs 82 pounds.

Special features you can expect include 0.26 GPM minimum flow rate, an 9.5 gallon size, a self-diagnosing system to ensure it continues working properly, a built-in electric blower, and EZ-Link cable connections if more than one water heater is needed.

As far as capacity, this is one of the largest and best Rheem tankless water heater options available, ideal for the highest demand in large homes.

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  1. Nice information shared. thanks.

  2. I have a tankless propane water heater. Can I hook it up to an existing solarge water heater system, n use it as a supplementary hot water heater when there is no sun. What happens when the solar water is hotter than the remote control temperature of the tank,ess water beater

    • Hello Brian.

      Interesting question. Not sure it makes since to hook the two systems in succession since the tankless water heater typically operates with cold water coming in to it. However, I suppose you could hook up the tankless down stream from the solar water heater and when the solar system is sending cooler water through, then the tankless would finish heating up the water to the desired temperature. If you did this, I have no idea how the tankless system would work if the water coming in is hotter than the temperature setting on the tankless system. My guess is that the tankless system would spend no time heating the water since the temperature gauge already knows the water is hot. Another consideration is hooking up the tankless separately to your home’s incoming cold water and just have a diverter-valve installed so when your solar water heater is not getting the water hot enough you could switch to the tankless. But don’t take my word for it. The best thing to do is ask your plumber who would be installing the unit. Hope this helps.

      Happy Hot Watering!


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