7 Reasons Why You Should Move to a Tankless Water Heater


Tankless water heaters are the latest trend in home appliance and commercial space. In the past, water heaters were viewed as big, heavy and complex machines that occupied huge space in the bathroom, closet, basement or garage.

This is not the situation anymore since there is a better and simplified form, that is, a tankless water heater.

It lacks a storage tank that was in the conventional heater. It is designed to heat water instantaneously rather than trying to keep multiple gallons of water hot all the time.

Most people are apprehensive about the possible hazards of a hot-water tank, especially if not well maintained. People love the tankless heaters since they are convenient to use, energy efficient, and stylish.

Here are the 7 reasons why you should go for a tankless water heater.

1. Eco-Friendly

The device is made using precocious technology that reduces carbon emissions as compared to traditional storage tank heaters. Most people nowadays like buying eco-friendly appliances as they are beneficial to both the public and themselves. When you look at most tankless water heaters reviews, the best brands are those made of eco-friendly materials. Also, our landfills are filled with worn-out, rusted old storage tank water heaters. Tankless heaters won't add to our trash. 

2. Cost Efficient and Energy Efficient

The appliance consumes less power when compared with the conventional model. A person can save up to 60% of the heating expenses incurred, and this makes it cost-effective. Tankless heater owners may pay more up front, but will save more in the long run.

3. Safe to Use

Traditional water heaters have water storage tanks. Rust can build up inside the tank causing the water to become contaminated. Tankless heaters do not suffer from rust since they do not have a storage tank. Therefore, the water is always safe for use. Also, with no storage tank there is no threat of a rusty tank leaking or flooding one's flooring or walls.  

4. Water gets Heated Almost Instantly

The tankless model is engineered using advanced systems that bring hot water almost immediately. The water only passes through the systems and is heated. The systems are powered by gas (propane or natural gas) or electricity, both which are highly efficient.

5. Durable

Tankless water heaters last longer since they lack a storage tank that can rust. Most are made of high-quality components that are reliable and durable. The tankless heaters also come with a favorable warranty period.

6. Endless supply of Hot Water

You and your household will enjoy a continuous flow of hot water. There will be no schedules for bathing times if you choose the right system for your needs.

7. Saves on Space

The tankless water heater takes less room than the traditional one. It is mounted on a wall, indoors or outdoors.

A Few Final Words

These impeccable features make it clear why tankless models are popular both domestically and commercially. A good tankless water heater does not retain water in it's interior parts. It is fitted with flow sensors that activate the heaters once the water passes through them. They are coated with sturdy materials that protect internal parts from acidic environments.

The biggest advantage of owning a tankless water heater is that they only operate when there is a need for hot water. This helps to reduce energy costs and enhances the safety of the device. When the unit is sized well, it will provide water at predetermined temperatures. Most devices come with a digital temperature control.
Heating water for various uses is a basic need for every home and business.

For the above reasons people everywhere are now using tankless water heaters. The devices are currently available in the market in various brands and sizes. 

  1. You immediately caught my attention when you stated that tankless water heaters can supply hot water instantly and endlessly. With how many times my family takes hot showers during the holiday season, we sometimes end up using the entire supply in one go and some of us would have to wait for a while or else take a freezing cold shower. To prevent that scenario, I’ll look for any plumbers that can get us a tankless water heater installed before the holidays begin.

    • I hope you were able to get one installed. The “instant” part of tankless hot water is only with the systems that come with a recirculating unit or you can attach a recirculating unit separately.

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